Advisory Board

Most companies, either startups or existing cannot afford the advisory board that a large public limited can, but there is a way out with us. Imagine someone with 25+ years of experience, running several businesses internationally and well known in the industry on your advisory board at a fraction of the cost of what others may have to pay.

Your advisor isn’t you: he doesn’t have your goals, history, or strengths and weaknesses. He doesn’t know your company like you do. So take the advice and apply it to your specific situation and apply it. Good advisors may guide you with conventional/ unconventional wisdom depending on your current situation, for example the startups are about applying unconventional wisdom.

The advisors with us have decades of experience on being at the helm of a company or group of companies, have started and managed. It can help you get that timely advice during growth strategy, funding, resolving issues or just bouncing off ideas with someone who has been there and done that.

“You can’t be normal and expect abnormal returns.”

– Jeffrey Pfeffer, The Human Equation