HR Processes

We provide expertise to support the evaluation, design and improvement of HR processes. To be a successful human resource department, it is an imperative to lay a strong foundation using different frameworks like Recruitment Process Framework, Change Management Framework, HR Strategy Framework to support the core objectives including employee notebooks, policies & procedures, job descriptions, and compliance tools.

TCB HR framework consulting services will make sure your different frameworks are personalized to meet the different needs and requirements of your company. We have a large team of rich experienced HR solution consultants who carry extensive expertise delivering strategic and operational HR services for corporate, private and government sectors.

We also can help set up contracts to let you attract the people you need, to develop human resources policies and programs, and build up your competency frameworks for diagnosing, and improving all aspects of human resource management. Whether you are looking to use a dedicated HR framework, or looking to improve the efficiency of your current HR structures, we can help you with an appropriate solution to meet the needs of your business.

Our services include:

HR advice and support
Assessing HR function
Employee Relations Management
Development and implementation of Strategic HR Frameworks
Key Performance Indicator Measurability Schedules
Reducing HR risks

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