Sales and Marketing processes

We provide Sales and Marketing process consulting services that enable sales teams to seamlessly work on profitable sales activities. Many companies with no proper Sales and Marketing process in place deploy their talented people in the bad processes, and find them in frustration. TCB has a team of sales specialists who can help design and execute sales processes aligned with how your customers purchase.

Be it your selling process is simple or highly complex, we can identify your buyers’ behaviors and preferences, and then provide reliable and effective sales process solutions. There cannot be one specific sales process for every company, it is important to shape your sales processes and operations that go hand in hand with your unique culture. The buyer-aligned sales processes enable sales managers to evaluate opportunities and train sales team to see success.

We can also help integrate substantial sales tools and sales support programs to predict your selling results.

Our services include:

1. Sales Analysis
2. Sales Process Roadmap
3. Resource Planning
4. Training Program Assessment
5. Sales Coaching